Myko, Jeff Berlin and Tiki Pasillas jam at NAMM

Improvising on a new tune by Will Smith – guitar edit

Testing some effects for the Atomic Punks solo

“Believe” by Krush Gruve – Visad Records

Krush Gruve – Title Song for KRUSH GRUVE EP

Red Voodoo featuring Scott Travis from Judas Priest on Drums and Myko on guitar

Another tune with Scott Travis from Judas Priest


On your Side : Liquid Lounge

Flight Zone: Music by Mike “Myko” Gutierrez

HURRICANE: Music by Mike “Myko” Gutierrez

THE RIDE featuring the VISAD GIRLS : Music by Mike “Myko” Gutierrez

JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE REMIX: GUITAR work by Mike “Myko” Gutierrez

“Tremble”: Liquid Lounge

NAMM 1985:The ORIGINAL VIDEO of the Eddie Van Halen Kramer Guitar Giveaway